On my doorstep


I sometimes start looking at models and photo shoots online and in magazines and I become overwhelmed at how photogenic some people are how talented certain photographers are at capturing that quality.

I got a taste of that last weekend when I met local model Kristina Perdue. She was so quiet and unassuming when she spoke that I wondered to myself whether I’d be able to “pull” what I needed out of her. My fears were unfounded. She was a pro. She instinctively knew how to position herself for maximum effect and she was amazing at taking direction. In fact, I thought a few times, she was “better” and more prepared than I was.

Lesson learned: Be ready, equipment-wise and mentally. Get in the zone. The chit-chat that had worked with some people who posed for me seemed unnecessary with Kristina. She was focused, and I think that if she can get her pictures in front of the right people, her career can really take off.

And I didn’t have to go to Timbuktu to find her. She was right on my doorstep.

Shot with my Canon Rebel Xsi and 70-200 f.2.8. More to come soon via my Model Mayhem account page.


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