Updating my ModelMayhem page

I just upgraded to a Premium account on ModelMayhem and ran into the dilemma of which photos to add.

I’ve shot sports, fashion events, bridal portraits, weddings, news events, preachers, kids, nudes (artful and otherwise), so how do I pick which photos to show off to people?

My first step was to check out the portolios of other photographers in the area. They, after all, will be my first competitors. I typically look at model pages to see what kind of images they want to represent themselves, but this time I needed to see which images attract models in the first place.

I wish I had more space for my photojournalism, especially sports, but the images I picked show technical merit and artistic passion. They’re colorful, clear (odd how many poor quality images I saw in portfolios) and make the people depicted look great.

I’d hope that’s what a model would want. Right?


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